Q1. Why I should hire Noida Packers & Movers?

A1. We Noida Packer & Movers are one of the most experienced service provider working with team of professionals having significant presence in Delhi and NCR region at very low cost.


Q2.Do you organize packing and moving process on weekends or after office hours?

A2.Yes, our service is available for 7 Days of week, and upto late-night. And as per your request, we can also schedule entire packing and moving process as per your timings and convenience.


Q3. How many days prior notice I need to inform you for survey of goods to be moved?

A3.To organize a well-planned shifting we need at least 2-3 days prior notice to make survey of your goods, so that we can manage our schedule for timely shifting as per your convenience. As we are also busy in serving other customers and give equal importance to each one of them for giving best service.


Q4. How long it will take to complete entire packing and moving process?

A4. Normally, as per our experience one bedroom sized house takes usually two-to-three hours to complete entire process but it also depends on the goods to be moved and distance betweentwo locations. 


Q5. What is the settlement procedures followed by company for goods damaged during transit?

A5. Though, we use best quality packing materials and also follow all the safety measurers during entire shifting process, but in case if some kind ofmishaps occur then our Managers or Supervisors will handle the situation and settle with you paying satisfactory clams for your damaged goods. 


Q6. Despite a professional packing process why do I need an Insurance cover?

A6.There are many Goods which are precious and easily damageable in unexpectedconditions like accidents or misfortunes due to any natural disaster occurs during the moving and transporting process.


Q7. What is the basis of insurance coverage? Or how do value of goods calculated forclaims? 

A7. The worth of all the goods calculated on the basis of declared value which is determined with the assistant of field officer or person responsible for taking care of insurance related proceedings. 


Q8. Can you move our Car or Motorcycle with uswithout driving it? 

A8.Being a professional packers and movers we have facilities and especially designed trucks to move any type of passenger cars or motorbikes at any location. But before that, make sure with our coordinator for actual declaration for type of motor vehicles you are using and you want to move it by transportation.


Q9. What are the necessary documents required for the moving of my car or bike?

A9. To move your car/motorcycle lawfully, you need photocopy of each documents which includes,Vehicle Registration Certificate, Insurance Certificate, Pollution Certificate and Owner Self Declaration.


Q10. Will you transport our Pets and Plants safely?

A10. Yes, we can also move your pets using our transporting system but for plants we will be only ready to move it at your risk, as they require proper water/sunlight especially in case of long distance shifting, however, at your request we can make especial arrangements to move it in best possible safe manner.  


Q11.  How many people/crew you will assign for organizing entire packing and moving process?

A11. We have team of specialized workforces for different types of task and the number of members would be decided as per the needs and natures of goods to be moved or shipped at new location.


Q12. Can you load/ unload our precious items including Car/Motorbikes etc. in our presence?

A12. We understand the value of your belongings and your emotional attachments with it, so on your request we can schedule the loading or unloading process in your presence for complete satisfaction. 


Q.13 Do you follow any labelling system for identification of Boxes/Goods?

A13.Yes, for easy identification of goods contained into each box/carton we use marker based labeling system,so that you can find eachitem as per your need and priority to place it at various corners of house.


Q14. Can I participate in packing process to ensure the identification and safety of goods?

A14.Yes sure, though,in order to deliver everythingsafely in systematic manner, our crew members wrap and seal each boxes as per the relevance and its use.But if you want to take part or wish to pack few items with your personal touch, we welcome you and fully cooperate for your assuranceand consolation.


Q15.Can you organize unpacking process for me at my new house? 

A15.Usually most of the household customers prefer to unwrap boxes their own as per their need and priority, but if you want, we will help you to unpack the important goods and place it as per your choice.  


Q16.What types of transportation vehicles will be used for carryingour goods?

A16. We have fleet of multiple sized variety of vehicles for carrying different types of goods, we use them as per their availability and size/type of goods to be moved, butthat will be decided at the time of shifting.


Q17. Do you have warehousing or storage facilities for storing various type of goods?

A17. Yes, we have our own warehousing and storage facilities in all the major cities of India. And to deliver your goods in original condition thesestructures are built with proper ventilation and safety features. 


Q18. Do you have facility to move specialized industrial goods and office equipment?

A18. Yes, we have team of specialize members to move every type of goods including industrial goods and chattels or office equipment like computers, fixtures and glass made showpiece objects safely. 


Q19. How do you handle preciousitems and classified materials/documents in transit?

A19. For such objects we have especially designed containers equipped with proper locking system in which you can keep and secure your valuable items in our fully secured trucks. And we can also provide proper assistance and security staff to move your confidential materials with you or your personnel.  


Q20. Do you provide complete loading and unloading facility during whole shifting process?

A20. Yes, our crew members will be responsible for loading and unloading of all the goods till it has been delivered at your new house. And you don’t need to pay any additional charges for that free service.


Q21. How can I track my Goods, Shipment after departure from original place?

A21. You can track your goods in coordination with our supervisor/coordinators or crew members or you can also contact our nearest office where our executive will update about the status of goods in transit.


Q22. Is there any specific items which are not allowed to load or move on the vehicle?

A22. To ensure the safety and legitimacy we have categorized few items which are not allowed to load on our vehicles. You cannot load yourpossessions like Inflammable Objects/liquids, Prohibited &Hazardous items, Arms, Liquors and other types of Oils or Liquids without our proper permission.


A23. How can move our perishable food items, especially for long distance?

A23. We always advice our clients to avoid carrying such perishable food items like Fruits, Vegetables, Drinks, Pickles, Jams, Water Plants, Oils, Ghee and Breads etc. as they can be easily spoiled during transportation and improper of packing can also harm your other valuable objects. However, on special requests we can move yourfew necessary items only after proper moving arrangements at your own risk.


Q24. Is that possible to establish few spiritual items for worship before entering into new house?

A24. Yes of course!, we respect the emotions and spirituality attached with the worship places/items of our customers, so we also give importance and priority to properly pack and deliver firstly all the articlesrelated with Puja Ghar/Mandir. Our special staff members will help you to take such items enter first at your new house. And we also ensure the respect and sanctityduring whole transportation and installation process.


Q25. What type of Payment Options do I have?

A25. You can pay us by cash or cheque, we also accept other mode of payments but be ensure delivery of your goods and make payments only after confirmation with our responsible staff members/managers.


Q26. Is there any additional charges I need to pay during transportation of goods?

A26. No, you are not liable to pay any additional charges like toll-taxes, terminal charges etc. except our agreed payment which will be accepted after final delivery of all your goods as per our commitments.  

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